Five Tips That Make Your Blush Stay In Place All day!

If you are tired of putting that pretty shade of blush on; only to see it sweeping off your face in a few hours, we have you sorted! If your skin is naturally dry, oily or just too sweaty; getting that gorgeous flushed glow is simple; you should know the drill;

1. Hydrate, Hydrate Baby: We cannot stress on the importance of hydration when it comes to your skin, and with hydration we don’t just mean Water but a good moisturizer! If you really wish to have a well-blended seamless blush and not a layer that just sits on top and washes off as you sweat or get a little oilier, you have to MOISTURIZE after washing your face whether your skin is oily or dry! A well exfoliated, moisturised skin makes product application smoother, easier, longer lasting & much natural looking!

2. Prep It Up: Once your skin is nicely prepped with a moisturiser, layer a good primer over it so your foundation glides on much smoother and effortlessly! A primer also helps extend the lasting time of your make-up! With summers fast approaching; this is a trick that you should be opting for and habituating yourself to as your skin tends to get all tacky, slick and greasy due to the heat and humidity!

3. Base it beautifully: Use a liquid foundation instead if the cream ones! A liquid foundation blends in better and looks dewy on the skin! It allows room for the blush to blend in and makes it look really natural & fresh allowing your cheeks to pull off the colour better!

4. Layer it like a boss: ALWAYS start by using a cream blush and then layer on a powder blush to help it stay in place all day long. This is also a great way to build a customized colour for your skin tone that accentuates your cheeks and adds a subtle glow! It’s a better idea to use a powder blush instead of a setting translucent powder to set the blush; however, always make sure to tap the excess out!

5. Pull it all together: Finally, use a setting spray to seal and pull the entire look together! Not only does a setting spray help in making the make-up stay intact but it also gives the impression of healthy hydrated skin like you had oodles of water last night…

Getting a sweat proof glow has never been easier!!!! Don’t you think so too??
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