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Fa Floral Protect Orchid and Viola Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Review

Hello Lovely People,

Hope everyone is well? Smelling good plays a very important role in my life, it’s like an obsession! I will have a deodorant or perfume handy at all times, I prefer perfumes and roll-ons over these spray on deodorants though and there are only one or two deodorants that have managed to be on my hit list! Buying a deodorant can be pretty tough, considering each one makes different claim and have a distinct smell and we are always overwhelmed with the array of choices offered.  Let’s see how this one has worked for me and if it is worth giving  a try;


Price: This deodorant is priced at AED 10.95

What the company claims:  Reliable anti-perspirant protection and unique all day release of Orchid and Viola fine fragrance.

  • 48 h effective protection against sweat and body odour.
  • Anti-stain action
  • Skin-friendly
  • Dermatologically tested


My take on the product: Fa Floral Protect Orchid and Viola Anti-Perspirant Deodorant comes in a white packaging, with a transparent lid. It has pretty pink and yellow orchids printed on the front, and the bottle says that the deodorant is alcohol free and won’t stain clothes! The bottle has a really girly vibe to it, even though it’s seems quite plain! Coming down to the scent, I absolutely adore the pleasant and refreshing scent; it’s floral and fruity both in one, and then turns into a nice musky scent. Majority of the claims made on the bottle are true, it doesn’t sting on the skin, which means it doesn’t have alcohol content for sure, that’s what I feel at least, which means it is skin-friendly! The anti-stain claim is true too; I have never experienced any stains on any of my clothes so far, even on whites! I have been using this deodorant for a good three months now, and I cannot stress enough on how much I like it!! I felt deodorants were the reason for the darkening on my underarms, and stopped using them. Wearing a deodorant went off my radar for years, and this scent made me change my mind! This deodorant is perfect for summers, but that isn’t like a necessity…You can wear it during any time of the year and feel all fresh and nice! The bottle also says that the deodorant has a scent release technology, which I feel is quite true, because it lingers in my clothes even after a day or so! The 48 hour claim can be quite misleading though, a faint smell does linger but the original deodorant stays for a good 24-28 hours is and that is quite long lasting in my opinion!


Mommy Likes : 

  1. Affordable
  2. Nice skin friendly deodorant
  3. Has a distinct smell
  4. Lasts long
  5. Doesn’t stain the clothes
  6. The bottle is really girly
  7. Love how this scent has lasted me a good 3 months, and I still have a little left to be used up
  8. Pleasant and refreshing
  9. Alcohol free
  10. Has ingredients mentioned at the back

Mommy Dislikes :

  1. The 48 hour claim is a little misleading


Recommendation: Yes, if you want a deodorant that makes you feel and smell fresh, without causing any harm to your underarms, this would be your ideal pick!Considering the fact that this deodorant completely changed my mind from not using deodorants to using them, I would definitely get it again. Especially because I like how it smells.

Mommy Rating: 4/5


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