#DIY- Face Refreshner for Summers

Hey Pretty People,

With summers in full swing, stepping out looking all refreshed and put together is something we all crave for, and why not who likes being drenched in sweat the moment you leave the house, even air conditioners are of no help at times! To keep your face feeling fresh, you either want to splash cold water over it or just run some ice cubes over your skin! What if we give you a better all-natural alternative to this?


Refreshing your skin is as easy as A-B-C with this DIY hack that we are going to introduce here, it is super simple to make, comes handy as a quick skin energizer and is extremely travel friendly! The two ingredients straight from your kitchen to revive dehydrated skin are Cucumber and Rose Water!

The Benefits!

Cucumbers are extremely amazing for your skin, as they soothe the skin, hydrate it and keep it cool! Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C and Caffiec acid, which are great for the skin! It rejuvenates the skin, reduces puffiness and under eye circles as well.


While Rose water is an excellent skin toner that cleanses it from deep within and adds a healthy glow! Its anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and also helps reduce dark under eyes!


Ready for the recipe?

1 medium sized cucumber, cut half of it into slices and blend it to form a puree. Once done, strain all the water out, getting rid of all the chunkier pieces in the mix.  We only need the liquid for this DIY!


Take equal quantity of rose water and mix these both well.Add them to a spray bottle or a pump dispensing bottle, whichever you have available, shake well and put it in the fridge allowing it to cool!

How long does this last? 

This mixture lasts well for about a week, and you need to renew it for best results! Also, do not forget to shake the bottle well before using it, so its fresh before going onto your skin!

This recipe is great to be used as a toner by putting it on a cotton pad and swirling all around your face, or a facial spray! I find facial spray works best, as it is quick and really soothes the skin especially when you are on-the-go!


So, what do you think about this DIY, isn’t is great to carry a tiny bottle that adds a dash of freshness instantly? Cheers to skin that stays fresh, looks fresh all through SUMMERS!

Lots Of Love,


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