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Deodorants – A must-have!

Online shopping has made life so much easier!!! I am a shopaholic and do purchase my necessities online via my favourite shopping portal. From Deodorants to trendy clothes, my favourite shopping portal is Myntra, a one stop shop that has the best brands and latest styles for clothing and accessories!

Deodorants play a vital role in every one’s life, especially for the people who face the problem of body odor. Using a deo is vital as it helps mask the body odor, and also provides a feeling of freshness. It is an essential to people who especially are very active or have long working hours.  Smelling nice is the key to confidence. Body odors can really create a negative impact on your image overall, especially in your workplace.

Why Deodorants when we have perfumes?

Although both deodorants and perfumes are used to smell good, a deo provides protection against the bacterial action which leads to body odor. The perfume provides strong smell, but is sprayed on the clothing- when the body odor sets in, can be quite discomforting!

Types of Deodorants:                                                                                                           

With people becoming really aware of personal hygiene, it is essential to understand what kind of body deo work for you best.  There are two most popular choices of body deodorants available in the market:

  1. Spray Deodorants – as the name suggests, a spray deodorant can be directly sprayed on to your body. You are required to hold the canister a few inches away from your body and spray as much is needed.
  2. Roll-on Deodorants – usually comes with a roller ball attached at the end of the deo, which typically holds the liquid, you can roll on the deo in your underarm for a refreshing feeling.

Out of the two, a body spray is the most commonly used, for the ease of use, and also the range of fragrances that are made available.

Choosing the right Deodorant:

The key to finding the right deodorant is not limited to your nose alone; you should just go ahead and research a bit, so that you can find a deos that is free of Aluminum and other harmful chemicals. There are plenty of options available in the market with endless variants of fragrances. Always choose the one that is strong, and which is long lasting. You should also rely on the lasting of the deos on your body, and also understand which type of deos work better for you – a body spray or a roll-on deos.  Once you figure that out, you can actually go ahead and shop from the comfort of your home.

At Myntra, you can find the best brands of Deodorants – Brands like AXE, Park Avenue, Davidoff, Guess for men, and Nivea, Playboy, Nike and many more for women. You can also find some good deo choices, and can sometimes strike an awesome deal with amazing combos. Do check out their entire range of deos on the Myntra Online Shopping , a one stop shop where you can find amazing clothing, good deals and also value for money.

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  1. Although deodorants and perfume can give us a good smell. The deodorant is used to combat the underarm odor. While the perfume just gives us a good smell.

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