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Cucumber Organics – Bringing the essence of the years gone, into the Modern Lifestyle

A flawless complexion is every woman’s desire, while some women are blessed with amazing genes, there are a few who aren’t really blessed and are prey to acne and pimples!! Acne and pimples have always been rivals to a clear complexion; they have to pop up before an important event or when you actually start to believe that your face is actually clearing up! There are a lot of treatments out there, from chemical based ones to DIY’s which will help control this issue; however most people lookout for a one step solution as they run short of time or think its too much to load their faces with so many products!

Either ways, organic skin-care is your call as it is really effective, even though it might take a little longer to show results! We were sent two products from CUCUMBER ORGANICS, one for my sister called “Lavender Cleansing Oil” for an acne prone skin and one for me called the “Argan Apricot Oil Face Serum” for a combination skin with occasional break-outs! If you have been reading our blog; you probably know by now that we are obsessed with oils for our face!! My skin had started acting pretty crazy recently and burst out ugly looking pus-filled pimples that made me want to hide in some corner of my house!! I have never had such bad pimples in the longest time and I really wanted something to fix it and these babies arrived right in time:

Scroll down for a quick review on the products:

1. Argan Apricot Kernel Face Serum: 
Price: INR 999 for 25 ml

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Hempseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil & a blend of 7 essential oils like Lavender, Tea Tree, Clary Sage, Rose & Sandalwood.

How to use:
The Argan Apricot face serum from cucumber organics is neatly encased in a tiny dark bottle similar to tonics, with a black screw cap! It comes with a dropper, which I really like as it makes access to the serum easier! The dropper is really good quality and dispenses the serum easily! The bottle though basic is a classic sight!! I kind of like the compact, easy to carry around packaging!

 As soon as you open the serum you get a sniff of a very dominant tea tree fragrance; which you can easily make out despite it being a combination of multiple oils.However, as you begin to apply the serum, it smells a lot like sandalwood! The scent lingers for a few seconds before it vanishes away, its nor disturbing to sensitive noses whatsoever!

The serum is being a blend of oils; has a oil like consistency, less sticky and easy to soak into the skin! The Argan Apricot serum from cucumber organics indeed came in as a life saviour, not only did it help my pimples go down but also granted my skin that lost glow from all the dryness due to chemical treatments!!

You need just two drops of the Argan Apricot serum to cover your entire face and neck and you are all done! I also love how this can be used during the day as it has an SPF of 30 which is much needed throughout the year!

I have been using the Argan Apricot Face Serum day and night and have seen a major difference in the way my skin looks and feels!! I feel this is the perfect formula for oily skinned beauties as well, dry skinned beauties might feel the need for a bit more hydration!  I also used this under my makeup and it gives me that perfect 1000 watt glow without putting in much effort!!

Overall Verdict: The Argan Apricot Serum from Cucumber Organics is a great product that you can definitely try if your skin has decided to revolt against you in the form of dullness and pimples! Being a combination of some of the most amazing oils, this product is worth a go! Glowy skin free of pimples will no longer be a dream!

Mommy Likes: 

1. Packaging
2. Smells good
3. Works as it claims
4. Makes skin glow
5. Removes pimples
6. Travel friendly
7. Great for sensitive skin
8. Is a blend of the finest oils
9. Has an SPF of 30

 Mommy Dislikes:
1. Is pricey
2. Not easily available

Mommy Rating: 4/5

2. Lavender Cleansing Oil:

Price : INR 599/- for 50 ml

Shelf life : 3 months from the date of packaging – mine will expire by January end

Ingredients:  Organic Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, with Lavender & other essential oils best suited for Combination skin.

BUY HERE: Lavender Cleansing Oil

How to use: 

The Lavender Cleansing oil comes in a dark coloured bottle with a bottle screw cap.  The dark colored bottle has been chosen keeping in mind the essential oils present in the product, as they need to be stored in dark places for extended longivity of the product! I love that both of the products have been neatly packed and are easy to use.

On opening, you can smell a distinctive Lavender essence, which I must tell you is really therapeutic. The the essential oils makes it the best you can get for your combination skin. Olive oil helps in replenishing lost oils from the parts of your face which are less oily, while castor oil helps cleanse the stubborn pores on your face that usually cause the dreaded acne on your face!

This cleansing oil has been a boon for my face ever since I started using it! I have made it a part of my night time CTM routine. The oil can be used about 4-5 times in a week, and preferably at night, so I am sure that it is not much of a problem with many. You can use it in two ways. The hot towel method, which is my most favourite one, is when you take a few drops of cleansing oil and massage it on the face and neck for two minutes, followed by using a hot towel on your face, and gently scrubbing off the excess oil, and continuing to do so till you feel that the oil isn’t left on your face. This is really refreshing and makes my skin feel so rejuvenated!

Another method would be to take a few drops of oil, and massage your face and neck gently, leave the oil for 10-15 minutes and then removing with the help of a tissue. This is good on a lazy day so I prefer the hot towel method, and I do either of the two on alternate days.

Overall Verdict: My skin, thankfully hasn’t broken out once since I have begun using this, which for me, *touch wood* is the best thing. I am usually very skeptical about oils for faces , for obvious reasons, and when this cleansing oil did more good and no harm, I have now actually become more of a fan, especially of the Cucumber Organics, Lavender Cleansing Oil.
Mommy Likes:

1. Simple packaging
2. Smells amazing!
3. Lives upto its claims
4. great blend of oils for skin care
5. Travel friendly
Mommy Dislikes:

1. I wish the inner stop dropper would be easier to work around with, to take a few drops, it takes endless shakes of the bottle!

2. Available online

Mommy Rating: 4.5/5

P.S: The products were sent to us for PR by Cucumber Organics, and all the views expressed here are our own, and after following a strict 15 day routine with the products. 

20 thoughts on “Cucumber Organics – Bringing the essence of the years gone, into the Modern Lifestyle

  1. Seems this product does work, its a bit pricey though, will surely keep your review in my mind while opting for this product.

    1. Hi Jayanthi,

      All our products are 100% organic ingredients (certified) without any chemicals and preservatives. I hope this answer the elevated price. Our team made sure that product quality would worth every penny you will spend.

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