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Bella – the brand you can trust with you Aunt FLO and general feminine hygiene

Yes, that is what I decided to begin my post title with, it truly has been a good friend to me during those days when I am at the most UNCOMFORTABLE best! Not many of us really tend to go ahead and try out something new, but I am glad I tried the products from Bella, which I really must tell you! I am a HAPPY person during the AUNT FLO’s visit 🙂

We were sent this amazing package of products, all feminine hygiene  related, and I have love using everything in this package. Here is what we had received:

  1. Bella Ideale Night – Stay Drai Ultra thin – An ideal pad to be used at night-time, these pads are Ultra thin and absorb well, helping you stay dry! This comes in a 14 pack and has a floral smell to it. It is really comfortable to wear during the nights. this pack retails for INR 190 for 14 pads.
  2. Bella Panty Soft – Panty Liners – This box of pantyliner is just amazing.Ideal for use during the very light period days, the pads are ergonomically shaped and scented. The best part is that these are soft and also latex free. this is a 20 panty liner box and retails for INR 69
  3. Bella Classic Maxi Softi wings – This is a sample of a regular pad with wings. this pack contains 2 pads, and is ideal for women who have medium to light period flow. the cover is very soft, so is quite comfortable to wear.

  4. Bella Classic Maxi Softi Drai Wings – This is again a sample of a regular pad with wings but with instant absorbing. The Drai cover on top makes sure that the period is soaked in quickly. This is yet again a breathable and comfortable pad to wear.

  5. Bella Intimate Care wet wipes  – These wipes are an amazing addition to have in your hygiene regimen. This alcohol free, paraben free wipes are dermatological tested and safe to use. This is with pH 5.5 and has an amazing smell.

  6. Bella Feminine Wash Sensitive – This again is an amazing product to use, especially for women with sensitive skin. Enriched with D-panthenol and Allantoin, this is an ideal product to help have the right pH required to have a healthy vaginal flora.

  7. Bella Cotton Care – Cotton Makeup remover pads – This is a must have product for women who own a lot of makeup and love to experiment. I personally use this to cleanse my face with cleansing milk or astringent. I love how soft the cotton pads are.

Mommy Likes: 

  1. Good Packaging
  2. Budget friendly products
  3. Feminine hygiene friendly products

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Just one, are only available online

Mommy Rating: 4.5/5



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