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ASAP Nutrition Bars Review

Needless to say, Proteins are the main building blocks of our body which help you feeling fuller for longer. However, it is not that easy to grill that slice of lean meat right after a tiring workout session but it is just as easy to tear apart a pack of snack bar right after you finish your workout! Sounds good right? If you have set yourself body goals, then snack bars are the right choice for you, because you certainly aren’t allowed to have a candy bar everyday! As sad as it sounds, it is a no-no because no protein mate, just lots of fat! So, we stumbled upon these absolutely nutritious, on-the-go options which helps you juggle between your meals and fitness goals like a pro, they are called the “ASAP Nutrition Bars”.


We were sent two packs of assorted snack bars which included. Before we begin with the review let me tell you what ASAP stands for- “AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE”, could they name get any better?

Price: This box of assorted cereal bars costs INR 180, and each bar is priced at INR 30!

Ingredients: 20180423_161309



My Take On the ASAP Nutrition Bars:

The ASAP Nutrition Bars come packed in a cocoa colored cardboard box holding three bars each! The bars are packed just like the cardboard box with different colors representing different flavors. The ingredient list is just as simple as their name, oats, brown sugar , honey and rice crispies coated with a thin layer of caramel/chocolate which contribute to the sticky nature of the ASAP Nutrition Bars! Coming down to the taste, these snack bars are pretty yummy and way better than most of the protein bars available in the market! These have almonds and other nuts that you can taste of while munching on the bars, while other bars are mostly peanut dominated! The bars are really comfortable to chew, not too hard neither too soft, just right!

ASAP Almond & Dark Chocolate
ASAP Fruit & White Chocolate
ASAP Cashew, Almond & Caramel

I however, find that the sugar content listed on these is pretty high for a snack bar; especially if it is aimed at being a post-workout meal!  The flavor of each bar differs and has a unique taste of its own, the fruit and white chocolate one has a dominating chocolate taste, while the almond and dark chocolate one tastes of both almonds and chocolates and the cashew almond and caramel one has to be my favorite! The taste of chocolate is different from each, and gives the impression of a very high-quality chocolate, unlike the usual chocolate bars available in the Indian market!


Overall, these snack bars have been a great addition to my fitness routine, especially when those hunger pangs strike me in the middle of the day, and I crave for some chocolate, these are my go-to! Also, these are great if you have just switched to a new routine and are slowly transitioning yourself into a low sugar diet! The snack bars are easily available and are super affordable too! Definitely check them out if you love snacking, but looking for healthier food options, which fill your tummy but do not pile up on that weight!

Mommy Rating: 5/5

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