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AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA 100% Review

Everyone these days wants to keep fit and workout forms an integral part of their lives because your weight and size need the silliest of excuse to grow- EATING! When you are determined to keep your weight under control aside from eating right and working out you need to be taking in the right health supplements that will help your body get the right boost, and make your weight loss journey a true success! I do not support diets here, but you should definitely watch what you eat alongside having good supplements such as BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which we recently gave AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA 100% powder and cannot wait to share our experience with you guys!

Price: INR 1250 for 250gms

Can be bought from: AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA 100% Pure Powder | Pre/Post Workout Bodybuilding Supplement | 250 gms

How to consume? Add to 1 spoonful (g) to glass filled with 250-300 ml of water, milk or your favorite beverage. Mix it until completely dissolved and consume immediately.


What the brand says about the supplement?

IT WORKS: Pure BCAA branched chain amino acids help boosts muscle growth and metabolism. An optimal 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine ensures you get noticeable results in your bodybuilding, Cross Fit, or power lifting workouts.

  • BUILDS MUSCLES: 100% Pure BCAA aids muscle repair, promotes lean mass, and minimizes tissue damage. Make the most of your workout or carry on intense strength training with AS-IT-IS Nutrition BCAA which builds endurance, aids in protein synthesis.
  • BOOSTS RECOVERY: A proven ratio of essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine aids faster absorption, leads to quicker post-workout recovery, and better performance results.
  • EASY TO TAKE: This easy to take formula makes recovery from workouts a total breeze.
  • PURITY GUARANTEED: This BCAA powder is lab tested for quality and purity. It DOES NOT contain any additives, preservatives or flavor. As a result, you get the best product in its purest form, AS-IT-IS.

What is BCAA?

As stated above, BCAA stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids and is a very popular term used in the fitness industry! These supplements are a great way to build muscles and enhancing the metabolic rate! This supplement makes up for an amazing workout partner as it helps keep your energy levels high during a workout! The muscle soreness you feel post workout is also taken care of to a great extent and helps with quick recovery post a tiring workout session!

Packaging: The AS-IT-IS BCAA powder comes packed in a zip lock black and mustard packaging! The front showcases the name of the brand, along with the logo! While the back plays the display for the name of the product and other important details, you might want to know about! The zip lock bag is pretty sturdy and high quality and comes along with a scoop, to help control the amount of product you need! Quite nice!

The taste test: It taste’s pretty okay, I feel! Not too bitter or too sweet! It’s pretty decent for your taste buds!

Can everyone consume the AS-IT-IS BCAA 100% powder?

Yes, it is for everybody. However, pregnant and lactating women shall strictly stay away from it!! Also, if you are allergic to any of the ingredient, it is suggested to consult your doctor before consumption!

My Take on the AS-IT-IS BCAA 100% Powder

ASITIS as a brand has really impressed me with the quality of the supplements they offer! They come packed so securely and in a high quality pack which follows by the convenience to consume the supplements with water, milk or juice, so as to neutralize the taste, if any! I have been consuming the AS-IT-IS BCAA 100% supplements everyday 30 minutes pre workout, and definitely feel my stamina building up! I will have to consume it for longer to see more results. But for as far as I have consumed it, it is an amazing fitness supplement, which will keep your body weight under check! I love the sugar-free, gluten free, dairy free nature of the BCAA powder and recommend it to everyone! It is value for money, go for it!

Mommy Rating : 4.5/5

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