Hello Beauties! This blog is about looking through the beauty glass from the eyes of two mommies! Here you will find beauty tips, do’s and don’ts and many other tips that will help mommies get through the day with a sane head.

Beauty, is what makes the world go round! Like literally!! People delve into their beauty cravings like we would into a chocolate cake! but hey! To each her own right?

Anyway, this blog is about everything and anything that catches our fancy which we are sure will equally intrigue you.

If you are looking for reviews/makeup breakdowns/DIYS/skin care/hair care/mommyhood/babies/unboxing..or looking for a random rant on beauty, this is where you stop.

Thank you for visiting BEAUTYMOMMIES.. do come back for more interesting beauty chit chat…


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The information provided in the blog is our own perception of things as we see, feel and hopefully our views will help you decide your investments.

This blog is in no way an attempt to demean or bring down any brand/service. These are personal reviews of products that are owned by us, and is in no way for PR purposes, unless specified.

The information provided at BeautyMommies is purely personal review of how the products worked for us, and might not work the same way for you. So you might  ALWAYS want to do a patch test or be aware of the contents of products so that you don’t develop any allergies!

The content is copyright! Please do not copy our content. If you need access to any content, you can ask! we can guest post for you! Never think that online stealing will go unnoticed!

BeautyMommies are not responsible for the products you buy using links on our website. Any issues should be taken up DIRECTLY with the company and not us.


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