4 Easy Jewellery Hacks for newlywed women

So finally you are married and all those dreams of living with a partner, sharing everything and wearing all these beautiful jewellery and heavy outfits are coming true. But marriage brings a lot of changes along. Especially for a woman things changed completely, from your home to your wardrobe and lifestyle to dressing style; everything changes. Though you always wanted to wear all these traditional jewellery accessories and look like a typical Bollywood style married woman, but sometimes carrying these accessories and ethnic outfits is not an easy task. You surely have an option of changing the clothes arena but what about these jewellery pieces which are mandatory to carry. But worry not as we are here to provide a proper guideline to pair the traditional jewellery with western attire.

Here are some jewellery hacks or guidelines to style like a diva even after getting married:

1. Mangalsutras

If you have beautiful collar bones and sleek neckline to show off, all you have to do is match a deep neck top or dress with your mangalsutra and then garnered all the attention wherever you go. You can simply customize the length of the Mangalsutras as per your preference and outfit. Be it Kundan or AD, there is no way these beautiful pieces disappoint you even with western outfit. Check out the exclusive collection of latest and trendy designs of online Mangalsutras on IndiaRush.

2. Toe Rings

There is a wide array of stylish and trendy toe rings. You can easily choose the unique designs and wear with open toe foot wears. From stone studded to sterling silver ones, you have options after options for these toe rings. They will enhance the beauty of your feet and keep the traditions and cultural values at your bay as well. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles available in these beautiful toe rings.

3. Bangles/Chura

According to Indian traditions and cultural values, these circles are not just circles but hold a significant importance. Though every woman loves to wear these bangles with ethnic outfit but they are one of the most important jewellery accessories in Indian married women’s life. Mix-matching your chura with your western attire in style is a trick though but it’s not that difficult. Try wearing these bangles with maxi dresses or everyday jeans to have the aura of sexiness and elegance at the same time.

4. Anklets

The little bells along with silver chains in women feet are not just for decoration. According to Indian traditions and culture, these jewellery accessories are mandatory to be worn by married women. Instead of those heavy anklets you can go for a pair of light weighted chain anklets and wear them with your favourite everyday jeans. Available in both gold and silver, you can choose as per the outfit and make your feet look extra beautiful.

These are some super easy jewellery hacks for making your married life easier and smoother. You can choose the stylish and trendy jewellery accessories on IndiaRush in a wide variety. From online Mangalsutras to hair accessories, you can find anything. Sway like a stylish married chic with these guidelines.

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