10 Beauty Products We Wish EXISTED!!!

Indeed, beauty is being the best possible version of yourself! However, these days being be-you-ti-ful is quite a task!! You have everything you need in the market, but there are days when we need an instant fix!! For the total makeup and skin care junkies we are, sometimes we “wish upon a star” that a few beauty products existed!!

1. That Miracle Face Mask: I love face masks, but I hate using different masks for different skin issues!! I wish there was a face mask that would get rid of all our skin issues (dark circles, pimples, acne, pigmentation, patchy skin, dry skin) in just one go! How amazing would that be?? πŸ˜€

Two smiling young women having fun during beauty treatment, using facial cream and cucumber slices.

2. Shampoo that keeps us going for an entire week: Shampooing your hair is very important to get rid of all the grime accumulated! However, over shampooing can cause hair to get drier and frizzier! We wish there was a shampoo that would not leave us with greasy day 3 hair!! Instead, would save us the trouble of shampooing for an entire week!! How convenient!!


3. No damage hair brush: We are all obsessed with styling our hair, sometimes we wanna pull off that sleek hair look while the rest of the time we want to show off those bouncy curls!! But using heat isn’t really good for our tresses! What if someone invented an hair brush that would style our hair as desired without any heat?? Wouldn’t that be something to die for? Yaaay!! No damage….Hello Beautiful Hair!!!

4. That Cologned detergent: We love good smelling clothes and what’s better than having a laundry detergent that would smell like our favourite perfume!! My all time favorite is TOMMY GIRL!! Now that’s something I would spend all my money on!!

Mid adult woman smelling fleshly washed clothes in garden

5. A foundation that you can sleep with: Β Yes, there are days when you just want to dose off without taking off all your makeup!! So, why not there be a foundation that doesn’t need to be washed off before hitting the sack, and you still wake up looking beautiful without any pimples, clogged pores or dull skin!! We’d love it!


6.A hair spray that would grow your hair overnight: Imagine…having a spray that you just spritz all over your hair in the night and next morning you wake up with two inch longer hair!! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true??

7. A painless hair removal method: Tell me about it guys! I know how painful it is,, waxing..tweezing..threading! We don’t want shaving or depilatory creams either! We wish there was something that would just get rid of all the hair quickly and effectively!! I’d die for something like that!
8. Eyeliner for those perfect wings: We try different methods to get that winged eyeliner on fleek, from spoons to scotch tape to cards! But that doesn’t work! What if there was an eyeliner that would give you that perfect flick without any gaps and without wasting any more of your time each morning???


9. A mascara that never dries and clumps your lashes: We hate how mascaras have a shelf life and need to be thrown out ever three months! We wish there existed a mascara that came without a shelf life and gave you perfectly curled lashes without any clumps!! Damn good right?

10. A foundation that highlights: We love highlighting, but it does take time and its quite hard to get the right places! We wish there was a foundation that would automatically highlight the high points of our face seamlessly! Pretty awesome no?
So, what do you think? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if these products were real?? πŸ™‚
Do you also wish there was a beauty product like we do!!! Let us know! πŸ™‚ We love reading your comments!

Lots of Love

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